Reward points

50 Points = Free Shirt!

Every time you make a purchase on TS, you are automatically given 2 user points per item purchased. These points accumulate and are never lost. Once your user reward point count has reached 50 points, they will be used towards your next purchase for a full value of $20 USD.                         

How do you get reward points?

The points are given to users as a reward and in appreciation for your business and referrals. They are allocated as follows:

  • Each T shirt purchased = 2 reward points.
  • Each pair of sunglasses purchased = 1 point.
  • Register to the site = 3 points.
  • Invite/recommend a friend = 1 point (you can only invite 4 friends a week).
  • Friend invited registers = 1 point.

How do I redeem my earned points?

Your points accumulate and never expire. Once you have reached 50 or more reward points, they will be used and automatically add a discount to your next purchase. At check out you will see the reward point credit as "Points discount" reflecting the dollar value of the discount, and "points used" reflecting the amount of actual point used towards the purchase. 

reward points 


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