Bald Eagle Tee

The Bald Eagle dwarfs the majority of other birds of pray, and it is the only eagle exclusive to North America. Its unique brown body and white head and tail make it quite simple to recognize. We at Trooky shirts have decided to pays tribute to this great American symbol by immortalizing it on one of our t-shirts with the image of a truly bald-headed bald eagle. Support the bald eagle and wear it on your chest men!

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superstar women tee

Image courtesy of Daniel Nanescu

We at Trooky dedicated this Superstar women t shirt to all women who have overcome great obstacles to become the superwomen they are today.

Women are creators of mankind, and heroes. There are countless stories of great women holding down a career while raising a family and even while being a single parent.

Do you have a Superstar woman in your life? Mom, Wife, Sister. friend? If you do, no one understands the superstar woman in your life like you do. This great tee celebrates the power of women at a price you can live with.

Surprise your mom, surprise your wife, Surprise your sister, or surprise your daughter with Trooky's 100% cotton Superstar women tee.

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How to fold a tshirt

Are you guilty of stuffing your t-shirts into drawers whatever which way just so you can put them away? ... It takes time to fold a pile of T shirts, but this article will teach you a quick technique on how to fold t-shirts fast and easy, so that your drawers are always neat and organized with minimum amount of effort. (Watch the video at the end of the article.)

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Summer Streets in New york City

Trooky in NYC

We at  took some time off last Saturday to enjoy a little bit of "". Like most NYC things, it was great fun and thousands of happy people participated.

About Summer Streets

Summer Streets is an yearly event of ’s streets. On a couple of back-to-back Saturdays in August, almost 7 miles of NYC's roads are set up for folks to play, jog, stroll and cycle. Summer Streets offers room for wholesome fun and motivates New Yorkers to implement more sustainable kinds of transportation. Every year more than 300,000 people participate on the City streets events.

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